The out of province inspection process is required to get registration for your vehicle whenever you move into Alberta from outside the province. The inspection focuses on the safety and mechanical structure of your vehicle in relation to the required guidelines as published by the Province of Alberta.

An out of province inspection must be performed at a registered Licensed Inspection Facility and performed by a Certified Licensed Technician. Alberta Auto Sales & Repairs qualifies and has the experience and required Licensed Technicians.

Also required is to access whether the vehicle lives up to the standards of the original manufacturer. If the structural integrity of your vehicle has been compromised due to collisions etc.

If there are structural items that fail to meet the out of Province inspection standards, they must be repaired within 10 days of the failure notice. If required, we can also provide an estimate for the repairs.

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    Give us a call or book an appointment from this webpage
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    Get the out of province registration form from the department of motor vehicles,
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    Visit our Certified Licensed Inspection Facility at the date and time of the appointment 
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    Be prepared to wait in our customer lounge area or return at the given time. Typically such inspections take three to four hours.
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    Once completed (and the vehicle passes inspection) the mechanic will give you the Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

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Electrical System

Your battery, indicator lights, headlamps (including daytime running lights), and switches must be operational.

Power Train

The transmission and engine are the prime components of a powertrain, along with other elements such as the torque, drive shaft, axles and differential will be inspected and tested.


All controls, including visors, windshield wipers, accelerator and brake pedals, power steering, and other operational controls are inspected for functionality.


The suspension of the vehicle must be safe, including the frame and unibody, trailer hitch, bumpers, floors and doors


All brakes and their associated components must be cleared and safe.

Engine Controls

The engine and its components, including your fuel system, are inspected.


Tires, road clearance, steering linkage, ball joints, shock absorbers, and the exhaust system must all pass inspection.

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