AASR has has extensive experience in used car inspection Calgary and surrounding area. We are a Certified License Inspection Facility with an outstanding reputation backup up with a 4.9 Rating on over 750 customer reviews.

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Pre Purchase Inspection Calgary

Getting a Pre Purchase Inspection Calgary is the smart decision when buying a used car.

A professional pre purchase vehicle inspection will highlight mechanical and safety concerns along with any weaknesses that have the potential to become a more serious problem down the road.

Used Auto and Truck pre purchase inspections will provide you with peace of mind and put you in a better position in terms of negotiating and decision making.









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AASR has been recognized as the number one Best Pre Purchase Inspection Service in Calgary. Check out Best of Calgary in depth analysis of the 7 Best Inspection Companies in Calgary by clicking on their logo below.

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Customer Testimonials

Check out a few of our wonderful customer testimonials below.

Victor is professional and responsible. He arranged the same day pre purchase inspection that was super useful and informative in decision making. Absolutely recommend this shop if you plan to have your car inspected before purchase.


 I asked these guys to do a pre purchase inspection for me on a car I hadn’t seen yet, since it was a distance sale. I needed people I could trust. I have never worked with this mechanic before but I picked them because of the many great reviews. As it turns out they are all true! They took their time, explained things well over the phone, and most importantly gave me their honest opinion on if I should purchase this car—they were straight up and didn’t beat around the bush. In this case the vehicle was not for me, thanks to their help in figuring that out! They saved me a big financial sink hole. Brian and Victor were amazing to work with and I would definitely use their services again.

Arsalan Hassan

My roommate recommended this mechanic for a vehicle inspection, as she had used his services and was very pleased with the honesty and clear communication. I was not disappointed! I brought a car in for a pre purchase inspection, and Victor was able to explain the extent of the repairs required, and the cost associated with them. He also offered valuable advice on how to negotiate a fair asking price from the car seller, considering the work that needed to be done. This made me feel solid in my decision, as this was my first car! He was very polite, straightforward and honest, and it made a big difference in my confidence with future car purchases

Jessica Cahill

Industry Leading Reputation

4.9 Stars out of 5.0 - Rating Based on 750 Reviews

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Why a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

  • Provides a 150 point comprehensive end to end evaluation of your vehicle
  • Substantial savings in unexpected future repairs.
  • Peace of mind and confidence in your buying decision.
  • Gets you best value for your money.
  • Negotiate with the seller from a position of strength.
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  • Scratches, Pits, “Spider-Webs” and Cracks on Windshiled and/or windows
  • Scratches, Dings and Dents on panels
  • Previous body repair
  • Previous paint work
  • Body Panel Alignmenet
  • Tires Condition and Tread Depth
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  • Upholstery and carpet condition including tears, stain, burns and excessive wear
  • Functionality of electrical components such as radio, power windows, power sunroof, power locks, interior dome light, headlamps, reverse lights etc.,
  • Functionality of standard features such as side mirrors, emergency brake, cigarette lighter, remote trunk lid, remote fuel cover
  • Dashboard features-voltage meter, check engine light, ABS light
  • Evidence of smoke or pungent odors
  • Testing HVAC systems ( Air Conditioning and Heating)
  • Vehicle Identification Number Verification
under hood

Under Hood

  • Fluid Leaks
  • Hood Alignment and Struct Functionality
  • Battery Corrosion and Lockdown
  • Motor oil level & condition
  • Power Steering level
  • Brake Fluid level
  • Unusual engine or transmission noise
  • Hoses and belts condition
  • Previous collision damage in the radiator core support area
used car inspection, pre purchase vehicle inspection

Under Carriage

  • Frame Rail Inspection
  • Fluid leaks
  • Observable condition of the exhaust system
  • Previous collision damage
  • Inspection of rust corrosion
  • Visible condition of the oil pan, transmission compartment
  • Previous under carriage repair
  • Evidence of clamp marks

Test Drive

 By test driving the vehicle, the inspector will gain valuable information about the vehicle. The inspector will ride along with the owner or the owner’s representative. The test drive confirms the following components and/ or issues:

  • Transmission /Clutch
  • Vehicle Acceleration
  • Steering and Handling
  • Brakes
  • Abnormal Engine Noise
  • Odometer Functionality
  • Excessive Exhaust Smoke

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