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Rated Best Car Inspection Service in Calgary 

AASR has been awarded the Best Car Inspection Service in Calgary. We are proud to have been delivering quality Auto Inspection Services to the Calgary Market for twenty years and to have built a solid business reputation in the market. Our wonderful customers have rated us 4.9 out of 5.0 over 700 reviews. We are thrilled to have received this distinction from Best of Calgary. Check out their article by clicking on their logo below

Best Inspection Services in Calgary

The 7 Best Car Inspection Services in Calgary

Car Inspections Calgary, lets our customers know the exact mechanical inspection condition of their vehicle at a specific point in time. Having your vehicle inspected by a Licensed Inspection Facility will highlight where the risks currently are and what components are sub-standard and could become a future concern. Understanding the different types of mechanical inspections and when they are required is important:

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Pre-Purchase Auto Inspections
This vehicle inspection has no government requirement but is a smart consumer decision whenever one is purchasing a used vehicle. Be smart and know what you are about to buy!

Out Of Province Inspection
This auto inspection is required to get registration for your vehicle when you move into Alberta. The focuses is on safety and mechanical structure in relation to the required guidelines as published by the Province.

Auto Insurance Inspection
If your car or truck is more than ten years, or you have made considerable modifications on your vehicle, Alberta requires a mechanical inspection to be performed.

Fleet Inspection
Alberta Auto Sales & Repairs provides Fleet Inspection services to commercial enterprises to ensure their vehicles are well maintained and road worthy.

Car Inspection Near me

A vehicle or auto inspection near me is important as it lets you know your car is in the right shape to keep you and your family safe. AASR will provide an Independent, Objective, Unbiased, Comprehensive and Scientific Auto Inspection by our Trained Mechanics and Technicians. This Certified Licensed mechanical Inspection will examine and evaluate every detail of your car, truck or SUV and make sure it is above-all safe and road-worthy.

Certified Licensed Inspection facility

We are a Certified Licensed Inspection facility , one of the places to get your Car mechanical Inspection in Calgary and surrounding area. Our master mechanics are Alberta State Inspection experts. If you are searching for a place to quickly get your car inspected near you or even several miles away, then we want you to bring your car to the Certified Licensed Inspection facility here at AASR.

 AASR has been serving Calgary and surrounding area for 18 years. In addition to being a Licensed Inspection Facility, we have the BBB A+ Accredited Business rating, and are also certified red seal mechanics which is the top designation in auto mechanics.

Our priority has always been serving our customers with the best auto repair service providing outstanding value. We are proud of our reputation which is backed up by 500 Google Reviews with a 4.9 Rating, with a 5.0 Rating on Better Business Bureau, and a 5.0 Rating on our Facebook Page.

We take pride in our customer service and our reputation which has been built over 18 years serving the Calgary market.

Comprehensive Auto Inspection Calgary

At AASR, our comprehensive auto inspection Calgary is very similar to a car service. Since we’ll meticulously inspect all moving parts, take the wheels off, check brakes and oil levels. So, whether it’s a car safety inspection, or a pre purchase auto inspection Calgary, your vehicle will be thoroughly checked top to bottom to ensure the car is running as well as it should.
After the auto Inspection, Calgary, our team will provide a complete report on the mechanical condition of the motor vehicle. Additionally, we will also offer our advice and recommendations for improvements if required.

How long does an auto inspection take?

Depending on the purpose of the auto-inspection, the duration generally varies between one to two hours. Subsequently, we will discuss the results with you at the inspection or over the phone and emailed to you the same day..

Certified Expertise 

We are a Certified Vehicle Inspection Station in Calgary, AB for cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUV's.

Friendly Personal

Our certified Inspectors can get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Best Quality Work

We use a series of quality checkpoints to ensure your vehicle is deemed safe for highway operation.

Fast Help

We identify potential vehicular problems early and save you time and money down the road

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